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About Monadnock Mineral Services

Monadnock Mineral Services, LLC is a professional, local, family business serving the San Juans for over 50 years. Started in Ouray in 1972  as mining and geological consultants and later added professional land surveying. 

Meet The Team

Robert A. Larson  

Certified Professional Geologist (CPG) & Professional Land Surveyor (PLS).  Bob graduated with Engineer of Mines Degree from Colorado School of Mines. Civic Duties: County Commissioner ‘87-’90, Deacon of the Episcopal Church & Church of the San Juans, Ouray County Surveyor.

Tim A. Pasek 

Professional Land Surveyor (PLS). Tim is a 20 year military veteran and pilot, United States Coast Guard Academy graduate. Civic Duties: Ouray Mountain Rescue, Ouray County EMS, Ouray Fire Department, and running for Ouray County Surveyor. Tim also works with Rigging for Rescue.

Pamela J. Larson

Colorado School of Mines Geological Engineering Degree.  Pam's strength business management, Geology, and restoring the historic home. She is known as "Nona" to grandchildren.  Don't let her fool you... she has been on the Ouray School Board for 12 years, Ouray Planning Commission, Ouray Pool Committee, Church of the San Juan Board, Ouray City Council for 6 years, but most impressive she has been the Ouray Mayor for 10 years.

Kentee S. Pasek

University of Northern Colorado in Recreation Administration & Fine Art. Specializing in Event Planning for non-profit, volunteer organizations. Owner & Social Media Manager for Dexter Dog Ouray,celebrity pet influencer under @dexterdogouray

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